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Wenger: Chelsea's first goal is to be a violation, however ...

The Chelsea Manager Antonio Conte felt his team's worth topped the Premier League standings this season. According to Conte, Chelsea has shown a great desire to win the competition the competition.

Chelsea are now collecting 59 points from 24 matches Premier League. Until this news broadcast, Chelsea winning 12 points of Tottenham Hotspur who occupy the second position and recently played 23 matches.

Chelsea gain points after conquering Arsenal 3-1 in Premier League matches at Stamford Bridge, LondonSaturday (4/2/2017). Arsenal ever stuck in third place with 12 points from Chelsea at loggerheads.

"This is an important game. I assume the Arsenal is one of the six teams of our competitors. Excellence 12 points clear is important to us, "said Conte.

"In four days, we face two great teams. I think our show worthy, are at the top. I am very happy with the players. Within each latiha, we showed great desire to win the Premier League, "continued Conte.

Wenger: Chelsea's first goal is to be a violation, however ...

Conte pun commented on two pivotal moment that led to a goal for his team. "In the United Kingdom, such a thing is not an offence," said Conte's first goal concerns the Marcos Alonso is considered first melanggaran Hector Bellerin.

"The Goal Of The Hazard? I think he played great today. While playing as above, the Hazard is a complete player, "said Conte.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger thinks the first goal Chelsea scored Marcos Alonsoreeks of violations. Even so, Wenger still praised Chelsea.

Arsenal succumbed 1-3 of Chelsea in the Premier League continued at Stamford Bridge, London, Saturday (4/2/2017). Chelsea opened the score through the first goal and Alonso in the 13th minute.

The goal from a header by Diego Costa capable of Petr Cech. But in the situation ofa ball gag, Alonso winning a duel against Hector Bellerin air and makes the ball go into the goal Arsenal.

"It is a pure Scorer. In fact, Alonso did a dangerous movement. However, the incident does not change the appearance of Chelsea, "said Wenger.

Wenger: Chelsea's first goal is to be a violation, however ...

"We are actually good at the beginning of the game, although the later does not create dangerous opportunities. Once down, Chelsea scored the second stop of our game, "continued Wenger.

After winning 1-0, Chelsea adds two goals again through Eden Hazard (53 ') and Cesc Fabregas (86 '). Arsenal could minimize the score through goal Olivier Giroud (90 + 1 ').

"We couldn't survive properly. Chelsea played better than us. We too take the risk of playing and they are more organized in the counterattack, "said Wenger.

"We lost a lot of balls. In this situation it takes maturity to play and experience. Some of our players are not in a great performance, "continued Wenger.

This result brought Arsenal remained in third place with 47 points from 24 matches.As for Chelsea, solid in the top of the table Premier League with 59 points.

Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard never thought I could have scored a goal while facing Arsenal in the Premier League continued at Stamford Bridge, London, Saturday (4/2/2017).

Hazard scored on 53 minutes to change the score to 2-0. Before scoring, midfielderBelgium it through several players Arsenal and then let go a shot that Petr Cech wasdiscontinued.

Wenger: Chelsea's first goal is to be a violation, however ...

"Always a pleasure can be beautiful, let alone score a goal against the team was great. I enjoyed the match and our goals. We scored three goals and worthy of winning the game, "said Hazard.

"I am happy to dribble. However, I could not have scored a goal like this in every match. I need to print a lot of goals again and today can do it, "continued Hazard.

Any Chelsea wrapped up the 3-1 victory over Arsenal. In addition to Hazard, two goals The Blues other printed Marcos Alonso (13 ') and Cesc Fabregas (86 '). Meanwhile, Arsenal can only minimize the score through Olivier Giroud (90 + 1 ').

"We created plenty of chances. However, we attacked better when the counteroffensive. We are topping the standings and increasingly confident. We want to be a champion in this season, "said Hazard.

This victory stabilizing the position of Chelsea in the Premier League ranks first with59 points from 24 matches. As for Arsenal are in third place with 12 points difference from Chelsea.

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