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4 young players to face Tottenham While Liverpool, who are they?

Liverpool advanced to the quarter-finals of the League Cup, United Kingdom 2016-2017 after win over Tottenham Hotspur, 2-1. Two goals at Anfield Stadium on Tuesday (25/10/2016) or Wednesday (26/10/2016) early morning EDT, derived from the action of bomber Daniel Sturridge at the 9th minute and 64.

Vincent Janssen penalty on 76 minute goal was the only reply The Spurs. The victorygave its own impression on Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp.

He praised the entire Liverpool players, especially young players down a row since the beginning of the match. The associated young stars, Klopp credence on five names.

"I know the younger players that have the ability, and I know better than all of you. I chose them, and if there is not a great game, I was the most responsible. Maybe they're not perfect, but overall as a team, they work hard, "said Klopp.

4 young players to face Tottenham While Liverpool, who are they?

The following 5 Liverpool young players who got the chance to perform with the first team since the beginning of the minute counter Tottenham Hotspur.

1. Marko Grujic
EFL official website statistics show appearance the best among four Grujic peers. He got a tough task from Klopp, which is playing the role of the number 10.

"I know, isn't a typical Grujic players numbered 10, because it is not perfect at that position. I always say, player number 10 is not only offensive, but also ran the team, to give way and Grujic did that, "praise Klopp.

Statistics show, Grujic do two shots and 3 tekel. Accuracy feedback players aged 20 years reached 79.2 percent, plus 40 touches the ball for 83 minutes on the field.

Figure Grujic reap public attention when Jurgen Klopp insist so that management producers brought him to Anfield. Understandably, not just Liverpool, some Europeangiants team also pursued, such as Inter Milan, Juventus, Chelsea and AC Milan.

Liverpool to have to send Assistant Klopp, Zeljko Buvac, which uses the proximity of the country of origin, to seduce father Grujic in order to allow his son to go from Red Star Belgrade. Finally, on 6 January, Grujic signed a 5 year contract period, with around transger 5.1 million pounds or around Rp 76.5 billion.

2. Trent Alexander-Arnold
"Trent played very good and work very hard in the field,". That's the phrase smacks of praise that comes out of the mouth of the Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp. Alas,the charming game in his debut with the team's senior Liverpool could not perfect.He got a yellow card.

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4 young players to face Tottenham While Liverpool, who are they?

Klopp thus send a special message after Trent collecting his first yellow card. "You have to be able to get out of difficult situations, such as exposed to the yellow card. Trent has done it with good, and give a challenge, "said the boss.

Throughout the game, players aged 18 years is capable of playing in the position ofright Defender. He replaced the role of Nathaniel Clyne, a new entrance in the second half.

During the game, Trent do 3 intersep 2, tekel, accuracy feedback penetrate 78.6%, 47sentuhan with 28 of them in the form of bait. Pemainn birth of the September 16, joined Liverpool at the age of six years.

At the beginning of this season, he had a chance followed groups of Liverpool whocompete in the pramusim United States. Trent had entered on a list of backup players when Liverpool meets Arsenal.

3. Kevin Stewart
Stewart plays a role as a defensive midfielder when meets Tottenham Hotspur. The appearance of the outstanding belong to, because it is capable of being stabilised the midfield, while the opposing attack breaker.

It is evident from the record '. He did 5 tekal clean, 5 intersep and 2 clearance. In addition, as a distributor of the ball, he noted the accuracy of bait 76.7%, plus 60 touch during the game.

Body back known Liverpudlian when called home on 8 January 2016. He melakoni his debut in the FA Cup match of the Round III, contra Exeter City. Right on Valentine's day, he underwent Prime party in Premier League while Liverpool winning 6-0 over Aston Villa.

On February 23, 2016, He agreed to extend his contract with Liverpool until the year 2020.

4 young players to face Tottenham While Liverpool, who are they?

4. Ovie Ejaria
Jurgen Klopp praised Ovie Ejaria with one word; brilliant. "He also worked very hard," stated the Manager.

Playing 90 minutes, no awkward Ejaria collaboration with Marko Grujic, Georginio Wijnaldum, Ejaria Ovie and Daniel Sturridge. As a result, he did not do Spurn the opponent, but played effectively by keeping the balance of the midfield for Liverpool.

Ejaria was born in London of Nigerian-born parents. First, he becomes the Arsenal fans, until at the age of 9 years old decided joined Liverpool in the summer of 2014.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, call Ejaria for the first time on 16 September, when it meets Chelsea. Then, he was just sitting on the bench. Four days later, he debutedwith the team melakoni the main cons of Derby County in the League Cup, United Kingdom.

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