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The Question Of The Violation Of David Luiz, Mourinho Does Not Want Criticism Of The Referee

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, did not want to comment on the decision of referee Martin Atkinson who could not give a red card to David Luiz in the ninth Premier League weekend matches 2016-2017, Sunday (23/10/2016).

The statement was referring to the incident which happened at minute 41. At that time, Chelsea were already winning 2-0 through a goal Pedro Rodríguez (1 ') and Gary Cahill (21 '). The Blues could have been playing with 10 men since Luiz tekel is dangerous to Marouane Howard.

However, the referee just gave a yellow card to Luiz. The top of the decisions, Mourinho was reluctant to count on for fear of misunderstanding happened reserved his comments later.

"You already know I will ignore it. For if I am talking about the referee after defeat of 0-4, then you will instantly take the conclusion. Especially for those of you who write news problem lies, "said Mourinho.

The Question Of The Violation Of David Luiz, Mourinho Does Not Want Criticism Of The Referee

"Exception if you think playing with 10 men in the rest of the time by one hour will give significant impact and important changes in the game, then you should write about that," said Mourinho.

Mourinho also does not wish to reveal the reason specifically reserved the turn of Howard in the second half. At the start of the second half, The Special One decided pull out Howard for replaced Juan Mata.

"If I said rename him because of an injury, then you guys the media will say it again.Turnover was not detached from both of them, the injuries and the importance of the strategy, "said Mourinho.

Chelsea's 4-0 victory after adding two more goals through Eden Hazard (62 ') and the N'Golo Kanté (70 '). This victory made The Londoners climb into fourth positionwith a value of 19 points. Manchester United, meanwhileis stuck in seventh position with a value of 14 numbers.

Arsenal will entertain Reading in the League Cup semis action United Kingdom at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (25/10/2016) local time. This game is important, butnot a priority for London's Cannon.

It has become a tradition if not United Kingdom League Cup became a priority for the United Kingdom swinger clubs. Such is the case with Arsenal that often makes the game in the United Kingdom as the arena League Cup experiment for young players.

Manager Arsene Wenger utilizing this action to find young potentialities will be promoted to the senior squad. Entertaining Reading which was the clubs first Division Championship, Arsenal believed would do massive changes.

Wenger does not even appear in the last practice session before the game on Monday (24/10/2016). The exercise sessions led by his assistant, Steve Bould.

Olivier Giroud is back practicing after a previous injury. However, there is no guarantee of future Giroud played in the game.

The Question Of The Violation Of David Luiz, Mourinho Does Not Want Criticism Of The Referee

The concentration of Arsenal is currently in the Premier League. It happened because they just lost points after a 0-draw with Middlesbrough. Those results have a direct impact on their position in the standings table, which is in second place, lost goal difference from Manchester City at the top.

Unlike the guest team Arsenal, thus having more motivation for the action. For Reading, drove as far as possible in the competition it was useful for the motivation of the team.

Because, at this time they were in eighth position Division Championship standingswith a value of 10 points. Jaap Stam left nine troops numbers from Newcastle United in the tailings.

Reading will also be playing without burden against Arsenal. Because, they have never won in the last five meetings at the various event.

Liverpool will face Tottenham Hotspur in the League Cup fourth round matches United Kingdom at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool on Tuesday (25/10/1999). Both teams predicted would do a rotation player with the rest of the player's flagship.

Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur continues to compete on the top-tier Premier League. The Reds currently occupy the third position and superior one points from TheLilywhites which ranked fifth.

The desire to remain consistent in performing Premier League Manager would make both the lower upholstery squads. However, the player does not need to be discouraged because it could show the quality that is rarely seen.

The Question Of The Violation Of David Luiz, Mourinho Does Not Want Criticism Of The Referee

"As in previous rounds, I won't say who, but who will play later on," said Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp.

"It also applies at the moment. There will be some changes to the core players. However, I have yet to decide who to play at this time, the original architect of Germany"continue it.

Klopp will most likely give a chance to some players like Trent Alexander-Arnold, Alberto Moreno, Marko Grujic, or Danny Ings. Then, there's also Ejaria and Kevin Stewart Ovie that is already stored in a match against Everton, U-23 last weekend.

In the guest team, Manager Mauricio Pochettino also acknowledged the prospective play players that are rarely performed. It is done to minimize injury to the players.

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