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Records and Eternal enemy of Frank Lampard in Premier League

Frank Lampard official resigned as a professional football player. During 21 years ofhis professional career as a football player, Frank Lampard has scored many record.The consistency of the game itself at the highest level, making Lampard have "enemiestimeless in terms of achievements and successful record he created during his career on the gridiron.

The following records and "enemy" immortal Frank Lampard in the Premier League:

1. Ryan Giggs and Gareth Barry.

The record appeared in 609 matches in the Premier League, United Kingdom still under the number of matches played by Ryan Giggs and Gareth Barry. Ryan Giggs, the Manchester United midfielder featured as much as 632 matches while Gareth Barry,who plays for Everton had already appeared in 615 matches in the Premier League.

2. Wayne Rooney

The total number of 177 touchdowns produced by Frank Lampard in the Premier League are still at position 4 behind Alan Shearer, Wayne Rooney and Andy Cole.

Records and Eternal enemy of Frank Lampard in Premier League

3. Steven Gerrard

Statistics showed when Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard played together since the first minute in the United Kingdom national football team, The Three Lions managed to reap 46 WINS, 7 draws and 8 times swallowing defeat. The results of the counterproductive thus won by United Kingdom national team when one of the two onlyplayed either Gerrard or Lampard.

4. No Player Frank Lampard As United Kingdom in terms of penalty kicks

The penalty point is a stumbling block to United Kingdom national team in the international scene. However, Frank Lampard thus became the most United Kingdom players scored a goal from a penalty point beyond the moment of the penalty shootout. Frank Lampard has already scored 9 goals of white dots along the Three Lions.

5. Specialist Frank Lampard goals scored from outside the penalty box

Frank Lampard has already scored 41 goals from outside the penalty box during a career in the Premier League. That number was rivaled by any other footballer in the Premier League. As a midfielder, Lampard has the ability survive and attack as well.

Wing Defender Manchester United, Antonio Valencia terpiliih as the best player The Red Devils in January 2017. Valencia was selected according to the results of a pollof fans through the official social media accounts.

In the poll, 57 percent of the total Valencia tally votes. He beat two of his colleagues, Phil Jones who gained 22 percent of the vote and Marcus Rashford (21percent).

Records and Eternal enemy of Frank Lampard in Premier League

The choice of fans towards Antonio Valencia is not a surprising situation. The 31-year-old player was never absent escorting the right side defence of Manchester United in the last four matches in the Premier League.

Impressive Valencia action became part of the undefeated Manchester United throughout the month of January, 2017. Manchester United never undefeated in four matches. Valencia contributed one assists on game face Liverpool (15/1/2017).

For Valencia, the best status became the second award for the former Wigan Athletic player all season 2016-2017. Earlier, Antonio Valencia gets the predicate version of the best supporters of Manchester United it in November last year.

A player named Luis Antonio Valencia Mosquera complete it has been repackaged25 appearances and contributed four assists for Manchester United in the summer of 2016-2017. Valencia are still bound to a contract with Manchester United until 30 June 2018.

ManajerArsenal, Arsene Wenger, will get a special seat when a trip to Chelsea, Stamford Bridge, in the 24th week matches Premier League, Saturday (4/2/2017).

It related decisions of the United Kingdom Football Federation (FA) which gives a verdict of guilty against Arsene Wenger because insulting the fourth official. The FA judged to a ban on his team accompany Wenger in the bench area and the technicalbox.

The counter Chelsea match later, Arsene Wenger will take seats ' pesakitan '. This is done in order to make it easier for the architect the France team communicate withthe ranks of the staff and the players of Arsenal.

As Standard, released Thursday (2/2/2017), Arsene Wenger will be sitting in the stands of spectators close to the road leading to the players ' locker room. That is, the Manager will be adjacent to the existing Chelsea fans in the stands to the East.

Kubu management Arsenal have prepared the plan, particularly from the side of security. Internal security authorities Arsenal will put some officers specifically in order to protect from tampering Wenger Chelsea fans. The result, Wenger could communicate with the coaching staff and the players.

However, until now there has been no official confirmation of the number of staff related to escort The Professor handed down throughout the game.

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