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Phil Jones Absent when Manchester United Meet Leicester City

The Manchester United Defender, Phil Jones defended his team's absence would beascertained on a counter action Leicester City in the Premier League continued the 24th week, Sunday (4/2/2017). It presented the Manager Jose Mourinho on the sidelines of preparatory matches ahead of the interview.

"Phil Jones was not in the best condition to be lowered in action later," said Mourinho.

Phil Jones unloaded Mourinho as a starter on the counter action of Hull City in the Premier League continued mid last week. However, the 24-year-old player was pulled out early after experiencing problems in his legs.

After undergoing an examination by a medical team, Jones suffered bruises. The performer is estimated to have to rest for a week to restore the injuries.

Jones's absence left a hole in Manchester United's defence. To that end, Jose Mourinho will most likely be back Chris Smalling comes to rely to escort heart the defense of The Red Devils.

Phil Jones Absent when Manchester United Meet Leicester City

In addition to Jones, the other Manchester United players are also new injury is the third goalie, Joel Pereira. The 20-year-old goalie suffered an injury to the ligaments of the knee. To fill the quota of a goalkeeper, Mourinho decided to return Dean Henderson who is undergoing times of borrowing at Grimsby Town.

The counter Chelsea moved Arsenal fight venue. The two Giants game would take place in Beijing, China. However, the action that will occur in the summer of this year.

Both teams live match Derbi London event in Beijing in pramusim bemused Premier League 2017-2018. Official website of Chelsea, Saturday (4/2/2017) announced it.

Chelsea will meet Arsenal in a match pramusim in China (22/7/2017). The second feud became the first team outside the area of the United Kingdom.

The last time Chelsea met Arsenal outside of London occurred on United Kingdom League Cup final 2007. The time of peak round there at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.

For Chelsea, the chance to be the first visit to China since the 2008 Olympics. Nine years ago, Chelsea reap the victory in a match in Guanghzou and Macau.

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte claimed to stay focused on the game today. However, he is happy because going melakon trip to China, and hopes to enjoy a challenging summer.

"I've felt the passion and warmth of a superb Chelsea fans in the United Kingdom and the United States. I believe, our fans in China will also show the same intensity, "stated Conte.

Chelsea Chairman Bruce Buck, consider fighting counterinsurgency Arsenal in Chinawould become a magnet. He called the meeting very special for Chelsea, especially as the action happens on the pramusim.

"That Game was very important because it helps the Conte and the coaching staff to prepare the team next season. I'm sure Chelsea fans will rejoice, "call the Buck.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger revealed the disease that makes the game Arsenalis not the maximum, especially when losing to Watford, a few days ago. He mentions there are three points that become a weak point Arsenal.

It was released as the official website of Arsenal, Friday (3/2/2017) Arsene Wenger, reveal, Alexis Sanchez dkk make mistakes yourself so your opponent can take advantage of the situation. The architect team mentions the appearance was not disciplined, less dynamic performance and the unity of a team, be a weak point.

Phil Jones Absent when Manchester United Meet Leicester City

Wenger does not want it repeated again when Chelsea meets, on follow-up action Premier League 2016-2017, at Stamford Bridge Stadium, Saturday (4/2/2017) tonight."The defeat of Watford are sourced from these three points, and I don't want to feelit again from the beginning," stated Wenger.

Wenger sent a very clear message, that isthe game should be more solid so it can press any line of games. At the very least, Wenger is hoping the flow pattern of the balls as they conquer Chelsea at the first meeting, though this time it is difficult happen.

On first encounter this season, Arsenal winning 3-0. Three goals The Gunners at the Emirates Stadium came from Alexis Sanchez in the 11th minute, Theo Walcott (14 ') and Mesut Ozil (40 ').

Arsenal midfielder Alex Chamberlain insists, his colleagues had forgotten the defeatof Watford. "We stared ahead, and Chelsea will have the pressure. I am sure Arsenalwill bring home three points, "stated Chamberlain.

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