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Schweinsteiger Entered the Manchester United Squad in Europa League

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger admitted was not happy when reminiscing victoryThe Gunners above Chelsea, Premier League at the first meeting 2016-2017. According to Wenger, his team was ' wrong ' kala bend Chelsea.

In a match at the Emirates Stadium (24/9/2016), Arsenal Chelsea bend with a score of 3-0. Three goals were born via Alexis Sanchez in the 11th minute, Theo Walcott(14 ') and Mesut Ozil (40 '). Three goals in the first half and toss the name of Arsenal.

Instead, the defeat made the position of the Manager of Chelsea, Antonio Conte, got a censure. But the reaction of the kubu Chelsea make Wenger is surprised, and ' upset ' because it has a revealing point of weakness.

"First game", we won 3-0 and it's been an incredible result. But in fact it is precisely to give a positive effect for Chelsea. Defeat it became the turning point of his fellowrivals London, "stated Wenger, the Club's official website.

Schweinsteiger Entered the Manchester United Squad in Europa League

Wenger's comments fit the facts. After the defeat of the stifling, Chelsea completely changed, especially from the side of the formation of the players. Antonio Conte managed to bring a child asuhnya reap the 13 winning streak.

The Chelsea performance was at the top of the standings while the 2016-2017 Premier League, as well as a favorite holds the trophy champion. The condition is inversely proportional to what felt Arsenal.

Currently Arsenal is in less good. The signal was visible as they give up of Molde with score 1-2. "We play dynamic since the beginning, but not the maximum. I hope the defeat became a turning point towards the positive area when Chelsea meets, "stated Wenger.

Arsenal will visit Chelsea, headquarters to Stamford Bridge Stadium, Saturday (4/2/2017) night EST, on follow-up action Premier League 2016-2017. Wenger hopes the defeat of Watford became valuable lessons his team in order to play more focused and consistent.

Manchester United announce the squads that will be taken to the Europa League knockout phase in 2016-2017. The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, made a surprise by including Bastian Schweinsteiger who got wasted at the start of the season.

Schweinsteiger Entered the Manchester United Squad in Europa League

Schweinsteiger not calling off the impressive performance of the show along with Manchester United. One of his best appearance that makes the Manager Jose Mourinho was impressed when the counter action in the Wigan 29 FA Cup last January. In addition, hengkangnya Morgan Schneiderlin and Memphis Depay also the reasonMourinho back include Schweinsteiger in the Manchester United squad.

In addition to Schweinsteiger, Mourinho also register the new name in the sector i.e.goalkeeper Joel Pereira. The election of Pereira to replace Manchester United's thirdgoalkeeper role, Sam Johnstone, who was loaned to Aston Villa.

Manchester United is scheduled to meet with representatives of France, Saint Etieneon large 32 round match of the UEFA Europa League. The first meeting will take place at Old Trafford on 17 February 2017, while the next meeting will be held at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, Saint Etienne's headquarters on 23 February 2017.

Shkodran Mustafi, Arsenal Defender, argued if Arsene Wenger should not be blamed for the negative results that earned The Gunners in the last few matches. According to Mustafi, the players are supposed to be doing introspection and focus back tochasing the target of clubs.

"The players who compete in the top field, should they beat yourself before you blame Wenger. Personally, I think the first thing to do is scold yourself, "said Mustafi.

"The most important Thing is to see what you do in that game. After that, you just blame the other person. We have to take the responsibility and answer it via the perfrorma over the field, "said Mustafi.

1-2 defeat of Watford at the weekend of the 23rd Premier League (31/1/2017), stillmade an impression inside the penggawa Arsenal. In that game, tim Cannon London must concede just two goals within 13 minutes.

Schweinsteiger Entered the Manchester United Squad in Europa League

It is believed to be mentally damaging squads Arsene Wenger. Moreover, they would be grounded theory Chelsea who was in scintillating performance at 24-week Premier League at Stamford Bridge.

However, Shkodran Mustafi stated will perform a total in a match later. The player assesses if the counter Chelsea grabbed the three points could lift morale Arsenal.

"Arsenal have to be really focused from beginning to end. Chelsea are in the best situation. They have been playing well and they have a plan, as well as the identity of the game. However, this is a chance to make things right again, "said Mustafi.

Currently, third-placed Arsenal in the standings while the Premier League with a collection of 47 points, lagging nine points from Chelsea. The Gunners needed a victory in a match against Chelsea in order to keep the odds in the Premier League title this season.

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