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Mourinho: Paul Pogba Could Be MU Centre Back

Manchester City's Manager, Pep Guardiola, ready again lose midfielder Yaya Toure.But before you do that, Guardiola wants to listen to an apology from Toure, Dimitrithe ins.

The war between the ins and the Barcelona starting from the decision of the Manager of the origin of the name of the write off Spain that Toure of Manchester City's squad for the Champions League this season. The ins calls, Pick behaves like a King, though the new deal with The Citizens.

Hear the original man greeting the Ukraine, Pep Guardiola felt the wrath. He was demanding the ins to apologize. If not, Pick threatened never to play Toure Yaya throughout this season.

Instead of apologizing, Dimitri the ins back attacking former coach of FC Barcelonaand Bayern Munich. Call the ins if Pep Guardiola was the coach and now handles an ugly team, namely Manchester City.

"You (reporters) understand the situation I went through it," said Guardiola.

Mourinho: Paul Pogba Could Be MU Centre Back

"Supposedly, the ins could only say that I like to play Toure. However, it seems he refused to apologize and not say anything to question my desire, "Pep added.

Yaya Toure also agreed with the assertion Calcio. According to the report of the Sport, Wednesday (27/10/1999), origin of the Ivory Coast players were upset with the s of the ins, Dimitri behavior that sparked uproar with Pep Guardiola. Toure asked theagent to any settled the disputes with Guardiola.

The Manager of Manchester United (MU), Jose Mourinho, Judge Paul Pogba is a phenomenal player that can play in any position, including as a central defender.

Pogba joined MU from Juventus on August 9, 2016. In the summer of 2016-2017, new Pogba scored three goals in 11 games in all the event.

"He (Pogba) has tremendous potential. He is a top player and, in my opinion, he could also be a phenomenal central defender, with quality bait, capabilities air duels, and the strength of the body. For the team that played last, she will be a phenomenalcentral defender if coming from the rear while carrying the ball. So he can play in different positions, "said Mourinho.

"However, the problem is not the position or tactics. In my opinion, someone who comes from a different League takes time to be at the level of the best in the game difficult, especially for a quarterback, "Mourinho added.

Pogba more often play with the formation 4-3-3 at Juventus. Thanks to the scheme,Pogba was able to perform impressive and had 34 goals and 43 assists from a total of 178 matches for four season career in Turin.

At MU, Pogba originally got the assignment as a holding midfielder with the formation of the 4-2-3-1. However, because the votes are not maximal, Pogba then got a role as a "No. 10", which typically belongs to Wayne Rooney.

Mourinho: Paul Pogba Could Be MU Centre Back

"He has spent years developing his talent. So expectations and investment clubs clearly unfounded it--becomes a super player in seven, eight, up to seven years, and the level would further improve. It is to be our hope, "Mourinho continued talks.

"We didn't expect Paul to come here and the next day he appeared remarkable. However, the fact is we need to give full trust in him, andin my opinion, we have to do things like this. "

"He is also a young boy who is very confident. So, we had no problem with this criticism, if you want to, and you know what kind of criticism, "said Mourinho.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger praised the action of Alex Iwobi on fourth-round League Cup match against Reading on Tuesday, United Kingdom (25/10/1999). France-born man was also rated Iwobi capable of being the playmaker of the future.

Iwobi original position as left-wing as a midfielder. The 20-year-old player was promoted to the main team Arsenal in 2015-2016. so far, he's already 32 times strengthen core team The Gunners in all the event and created two goals.

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This season, the goal has not been to Iwobi Arsenal. However, the players birth 3 May 1996 it had created three assists. Glass of it, Wenger argued Iwobi could play as a playmaker.

"You can see for yourself he is not a pure fullback type and I think he can act as the player numbered 10.0" said Wenger.

"He changed the game to be more attacking. He has the ability to take off the bait in the penalty box. I think overall he was able to give feedback to the well with his colleagues, "he added.

Alex Iwobi initiated his career by joining with West Bromwich Albion Academy in 2013. At that time, he plays as a striker. When he joined the Academy of Arsenal by 2015, he undergoes a transformation into a left-wing position.

"Kekuarangan Iwobi currently is finishing. I think he's too nervous when faced with a situation of a final settlement, "said the Manager of origin France.

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