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4 players Man United who Praised Mourinho After Man City Defeat

Wasted from Manchester United could not make Bastian Schweinsteiger grudge onhis club. Schweinsteiger instead of giving direct support by watching the Manchester Derby at Old Trafford.

In a match League Cup semis United Kingdom contra Manchester City, Wednesday(27/10/2016) local time, the former Germany national team midfielder saw a match from the stands.

He was the nephew of YOURS can achieve victory over Manchester City. "Manchester Derby tonight. Looking forward to witness a match! Good luck, my friends! "wrote Schweinsteiger in Twitternya account @ @BSchweinsteiger.

Prayer that Schweinsteiger into reality. Manchester United managed to silence theManchester City thanks to a single goal Juan Mata on 52 minutes. Those results made The Red Devils pitch to the quarterfinals and will face West Ham United at Old Trafford, November 28, 2016.

4 players Man United who Praised Mourinho After Man City Defeat

Since the arrival of Jose Mourinho on May 27, 2016, Bastian Schweinsteiger was thrown from the Manchester United squad. He even should only be practicing and playing with MU U-21.

As a result, the 32-year players have never even defended the Red Devils. Althoughhis energies no longer are needed, Bastian Schweinsteiger chose to stay on until his contract expired after the MU on June 30, 2018.

"Manchester United is going to be my last Club in Europe. I respect other clubs, butManchester United is the only club that could make me leave Bayern Munich, "he explained some time ago.

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho praised the four players after The Red Devils bend Manchester City in the League Cup, United Kingdom 2016-2017, at the Old Trafford Stadium, Wednesday (27/10/2016) or Thursday (27/10/2016) early morning GMT. They are considered to be the key to victory over rivals city.

The Quartet of players is Marcos Rojo, Ander Herrera, Michael Carrick and Paul Pogba. According to Mourinho, they are capable of showing the game best when played the function of each.

Although Juan Mata into the deciding, Mourinho could not turn a blind eye with the crucial role of the four players. Rojo for example, able to show game foursquare when acting as a central defender alongside Daley Blind.

"Should we play Eric Bailly and Smalling, but their injuries. Rojo not display in somematches, but he can prove himself with a phenomenal game, "refer to Mourinho.

After the back-line play, Mourinho claims to be happy with the appearance of the three players in midfield. The trio's performance improved, especially in the second half, which led to the goal.

"Gradually, we are increasingly confident. We started it with confidence in the line of the back. After that, Herrera, Carrick and Pogba, was able to increase the tempo of the game, especially in the second half, "said Mourinho.

The Special One, the role of Herrera, Carrick and Pogba is intimidating opponents with great pressure. "It was successful, and the team can master balls well, plus the more dangerous stunts often make in the area of Defense," said Mourinho.

That strategy proved effective. Manchester City midfield is not easy to play the ball in the area of defence of Manchester United. As a result, Manchester City are indeedcontrolled the ball, but was unable to do much when you sign in to one-third of the field belonging to Manchester United.

4 players Man United who Praised Mourinho After Man City Defeat

Manchester United advanced to the quarter-finals of the League Cup, United Kingdom. On the phases of the big 8, Manchester United will entertain West Ham Unitedat Old Trafford Stadium, November 28, 2016.

Jamie Carragher Liverpool legends describe Zlatan Ibrahimovic had just experienced the worst 45 minutes throughout his career in the world of football. It set the appearance does not bite the Brazilian on the Manchester United game contra Manchester City, in the United Kingdom, the League Cup on Wednesday (26/10/2016) or Thursday (27/10/2016) early morning GMT.

Manchester United Manchester City bowed at a match at Old Trafford Stadium, through single goal Juan mata on 52 minutes. Those results made the Red Devils stepped into the quarter-finals of the League Cup, and the United Kingdom will meets West Ham United.

Manchester United's victory could not hand in with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, especially inthe first half. According to Carragher, several times the Brazilian looks of confusion in anticipation of bait buddies, as well as the direction of the movement.

Statistics showed, EFL from the Brazilian was unable to send a signal of danger against Manchester City. Several times he throw away opportunities. As in 36 minutes, Ibrahimovic received feedback Luke Shaw, but failed to maximize the sign in front of the goal.

Inevitably, Carragher criticised the inability of the Ibrahimovic to create opportunities in 45 minutes. "I think the Brazilian showing 45 minutes the worst of his career. He was not able to do any kind of threat against the City's defenses, "call Carrragher.

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