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Mourinho: MU is supposed to be a 2-0 Win over Manchester City

The legendary coach of Manchester United (MU), Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manager of origin Germany, judge Jurgen Klopp, would bring Liverpool become serious challengers in the Premier League title hunt 2016-2017.

"He did his job very well and returned the enthusiasm. That (enthusiasm) could make the Club a big lose. Over the past two decades, Liverpool replacing the managerswithout establishing their identity, "said Ferguson.

"Now you can know and completely understand if You have to account for them this year. You can also see the dedication Klopp on the sidelines. I'm sure his duty in the exercise of any of the same. "

"He has a very strong identity. In my opinion, he's really vital to a big club, "Ferguson added.

In December 2015, Ferguson is already predicting future successes Klopp in Liverpool. In fact, Ferguson says, if MU is not first settled, Liverpool could well overtake the Red Devil success in the Premier League.

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Mourinho: MU is supposed to be a 2-0 Win over Manchester City

"I did about that because one thing that MU does not want is Liverpool is in front ofthem," said Ferguson.

"He (Klopp) has a great personal, with white teeth that he always showed. In fact, when they lost at Newcastle, Klopp approached Steve McClaren then gave him congratulations. It's very classy. He also did it in Dortmund. "

"I simply knew him from some coaching seminars. He will make a difference in the Club with its own personality and knowledge, "said Ferguson.

Up to the ninth week of the Premier League, Liverpool are in third place standings with 20 points, while or just lost goal difference from Manchester City in the first position. Meanwhile, the Red Devils are still ranked seventh with 14 points.

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, called MU supposed to win two goals over Manchester City in the League Cup semis action United Kingdom in Old Trafford, Wednesday (28/10/2016) local time.

Playing in front of their own supporters, The Red Devils got a fierce resistance fromThe Citizens. However, MU had several excellent opportunities to score, ranging from Paul Pogba, Marcus Rahsford, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Mourinho: MU is supposed to be a 2-0 Win over Manchester City

Even the Pogba to break Man City goal barely on 49 minutes. But, the ball shot Pogba results utilizing assist from Ibrahimovic suspended goalie capable City, Willy Caballero.

The goal of the new MU supporters awaited chick on 54 minutes. The ball of the left foot shot results Juan Mata sped smoothly entered into the Manchester City goal. Until the game ended, the Red Devils won 1-0 over the City.

"We can only win by two goals, Paul Pogba's got a good chance in the first half, so did the Rashford. In the second half, Ibrahimovic almost mencatatakan his name on the scoreboard and lock the game, "explained Mourinho.

For Portugal, the original manager of the victory over Man City crucial to restoring the confidence of the child asuhnya and fans in the midst of the hectic schedule. Moreover, on two days earlier, MU swallowing defeat 0-4 from Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League continued action.

"Manchester United faced Liverpool, Fenerbahce, Manchester City and Chelsea, witha two-day pause. But we are proud to be able to give nice results with the hectic schedule, "he said.

United Kingdom Football Association (FA) finally took decisive action against the Manchester United's Manager, Jose Mourinho. He claimed the FA due to comment on the referee Anthony Taylor, ahead of a match against Liverpool.

FA appoints Taylor officiating MU cons Liverpool at Anfield Stadium in the eighth weekend of Premier League action, October 17, 2016. But the decision got a rejectionfrom Liverpool supporters.

Taylor came from Wythenshawe, South Manchester, votes will be one-sided officiating in entitled North-West Derby. Mourinho ever open the associated sound rejection of Liverpool supporters.

Mourinho: MU is supposed to be a 2-0 Win over Manchester City

According to the Manager of the origin of Portugal that, the pressure and the intervention of Liverpudlian will make Anthony Taylor trouble making the decision a fair lead time. But in fact, Anthony Taylor running the task well.

In a match which ended with the score 0-0, Taylor was thus more issued a yellow card made The Red Devils players. The sixth player is Eric Bailly 44 minutes, Ashley Young minutes 45 + 1, Zlatan Ibrahimovic 90 minutes, and minutes later Howard Marouane 90 + 1.

Due to his comments that, Jose Mourinho was charged by the FA. Because since 2009, the FA banned the managers and players in the United Kingdom to make comments that are intended to intimidate or affect the referee before the game.

FA give opportunity to Jose Mourinho until Monday (10/31/2016) afternoon (local time) to conduct the defence.

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