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Champions: Manchester City Players Like My Tactics

Premier League 2016-2017 notes bore some interesting statistics. One of which is the amount of time committed players in one game. Until the 9th week, there are some stellar green field collecting the most amount of time.

Official site of the Premier League released the names of the three who has the most number of weekend until yesterday. The Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson intothe top spot with 765 or ' collection '. In the next sequence there is Manchester Citymidfielder, Fernandinho with a total of 633 time.

Here's 7 most players give up to three weeks to 9 Premier League-2016-2017.

Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero, failed to create goals in the last five games.However, Manager Pep Guardiola provide support so that Argentina-born players were soon passing through this difficult period.

Aguero was last scored for Manchester City was in a match against Swansea City (24/9/2016). At that time, Aguero created two goals and bring The Citizens a 3-1 victory.

Champions: Manchester City Players Like My Tactics

"I am very happy with the existence of Aguero and hope he will stay here for a long time. From the bottom of my deepest heart he always wanted to play with us, "saidPep.

"He is a special player figure. He is a striker capable of printing millions of goals throughout his career. I know he was in the middle of hard times at the moment, but we will not forget how many goals he had set for the team, "he said.

Decrease performance impact to play chance Aguero in the main City squads. Manager Pep Guardiola put him on the bench in a match against Everton and Barcelona.

Aguero returned unbelievable play since the first minute against Southampton in the Premier League continued last weekend. He again failed to score a goal and the game ended 1-draw that.

However, overall Sergio Aguero actually impresses along City this season. He scored11 goals in 11 games for City in all of the event.

Tactics Manager Pep Guardiola gets a lot of criticism in cyberspace following the failure of the victory in the last five matches. Responding to it, Pep confirms Manchester City players were satisfied with the tactics of the game it is.

Champions get a lot of criticism because it is considered too daring to play with open play and style of the game was predictable after the 1-draw against Southampton, Sunday (23/10/2016).

This marks the fifth consecutive failure in Barcelona victory together. Previously, theCity draw 3-3 against Glasgow Celtic in the UEFA Champions League (28/9/2016), losing 0-2 Tottenham Hotspur (2/10/2016), a 1-draw against Everton (15/10/2016),and lost to Barcelona 0-4 (19/10/2016).

Champions: Manchester City Players Like My Tactics

"When I talk to my foster children individually, most of them are satisfied with tactics that I run," said Pep.

"I could just change the way I approach it, but it looks like they are happy with the tactics that I use, I know because I've talked to them," he added.

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At the party against Southampton, Pep appeared with the 3-4-3. He comes to rely a trio of John Stones, Aleksandar Kolarov, and Vincent Kompany in the heart of the defense. Meanwhile, Sergio Aguero, Trident Raheem Sterling, and Kevin De Bruyne became a mainstay in the midfield and attack.

"When the players can run such tactics, and they like it, I have to get through it. It's not like changing tactics game, just because of one bad result. The most important is confidence, "stated Pep.

Manchester City will lead a party called the Manchester derby in the fourth match of the League Cup Wednesday, United Kingdom (26/10/1999). Manchester Blue into the headquarters of the Manchester United Stadium, Old Trafford.

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