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Mourinho Quite glad if MU Do Errors

Manchester United's young striker, Marcus Rashford, amazed at the figure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This 18 year old players hoping to get a lot of picking lesson from players aged 34 years.

The Brazilian managed to scored his first goal for MU kicks salto on friendship gameagainst Galatasaray, which took place in the stadium Ullevi, GöteborgSweden, Sunday (31/7/2016) early morning GMT. MU close matches with a 5-2 away. Four otherRed Devil goal was created by Wayne Rooney (two goals) and Marouane Howard.

The Brazilian was replaced by Rahsford at the beginning of the second half. Though not playing together, graduates of the Academy that pays attention to every Manchester United what Ibrahimovic did in the field.

"It's amazing. We can all learn a lot from him and we all need to take a chance on him profusely over his presence, "Rashford said.

"This is the biggest help, live day by day with him helped me to see in its entirety. Not just on the field but also off the field, "he continued.

Mourinho Quite glad if MU Do Errors

Ibrahimovic joined MU from PSG for free. Sweden-born players were signed during the duration of the season along with an option for an extension of the Red Devils season again.

"A lot of lessons to be gained from it, so hopefully I can get something (from him) to inspire my game ahead." Rashford said.

Marcus Rashford became public discussion materials United Kingdom Football after performing impressively alongside MU in 2015-2016. Player birth October 31, 1997 it appeared 18 times and scored 8 goals. Armed with brilliant appearance, Rashfordwas elected to the United Kingdom national team squads in the entrance at the 2016 European Championship.

The Manager of Manchester United (MU), Jose Mourinho, claiming to love it if the players make mistakes. According to the Manager of the Portugal, the origin of the error, the Red Devils squad could learn in order to achieve positive results in a number of the next game.

The statement was disclosed when Mourinho responded to a 5-2 victory over Galatasaray in THY trials, matches in the stadium Ullevi, GöteborgSweden, Saturday(30/7/2016). Goals The Red Devils scored Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marouane Howard, Juan Mata, Wayne Rooney (two goals).

In the previous match, MU Borrusia Dortmund humiliated 1-4, in the arena of International Champions Cup 2016 in Shanghai, China, Friday (22/7/2016). According to Mourinho, victory over Galatasaray is the positive effects of the defeat against Dortmund.

"We lose on last week in China and some of the players who appeared on this day have been practicing for two days. So, we decided to give them time to play for 30 or45 minutes. I think they played better, "said Mourinho.

"So, I'm happy with the intensity of the match. I am also pleased with the mistakeswe made and I really liked it because we work in error. I am glad things we did, the passion, and the atmosphere in the stadium, "he added.

Mourinho Quite glad if MU Do Errors

After the match in Sweden, MU will return to the United Kingdom for the Magpies trials against Everton, at Old Trafford, Thursday (4/8/2016). After that, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his friends were to face Leicester City in the FA Community Shield, Wembley, in three days later.

The attackers Manchester United (MU), Zlatan Ibrahimovic, saysomething big has happened at Old Trafford. That statement brought the Red Devils after Deus Caritas Est win 5-2 over Galatasaray, on the trial of the action, in the stadium Ullevi, GöteborgSweden, Saturday (30/7/2016).

Ibrahimovic scored one goal which became its inaugural nicks to MU in those games, while the rest written Wayne Rooney (two goals), Marouane Howard, and Juan Mata. Meanwhile, two touchdowns Galatasaray dikreasi Sinan Gumus and Bruma.

"We have something big is going on. It looks very interesting, "said Ibrahimovic, after the match as reported by Skysports.

When asked whether the case in question is the transfer of Paul Pogba, the Juventus midfielder, already completed, the former Paris Saint-Germain player it just said, "just look if Pogba will also come (to Old Trafford). It certainly will be more interesting. "

Pogba news moved to Manchester United, has been developing in recent weeks. Red Devils and Juventus is even rumored to have agreed on a transfer worth 100 million pounds which would make the world's most expensive player Pogba.

Currently, Pogba was still undergoing the summer vacation in Los Angeles. In the near future, the 23-year-old player was allegedly going to Manchester to perform a medical examination as a condition to joining The Red Devils.

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