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Forlan: Scholes more valuable than Pogba

Villareal, Manchester United (MU) was able to turn things around for a 5-2 win overGalatasaray on test matches, in the stadium Ullevi, GöteborgSweden, Sunday(31/7/2016) early morning GMT. Match colored goals Prime bomber later Red Devil, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

In this match, Manager, Jose Mourinho, fielded his best squad. From the position occupied by goalkeeper David De Gea to front-line stuffed Ibrahimovic and AnthonyMartial. Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney and Henrikh Mkhitaryan operate in midfield.

Ibrahimovic took just four minutes to score a goal. Receiving a cross by Antonio Valencia, striker Sweden origin was a short-lived salto kick, despite briefly strikes the ground, unable to drive goalie Galatasaray, Nestor Muslera.

Forlan: Scholes more valuable than Pogba

In the 22nd minute, Galatasaray was able to equalize through nicks Sinan Gumus. The goal was created after the 22-year-old striker is capable of utilizing accurate feedWesley Sneijder.

Five minutes before, supporters of YOURS again speechless. This time it was the turn of his record that Bruma scoreboard to reverse state 2-1. From the left side of the field, Bruma kick curved points that cannot be tipped wide by David De Gea.

MU lowers his best players since the first minute rise in the second half. Is the captain, Wayne Rooney, a successful raise the morale of the players The Red Devils after balls slid into nested results Galatasaray on 55 minutes.

Four minutes later, Rooney back scored the second to make his club turned superior 3-2. The goals were created through Rooney. The referee gave a penalty after goalkeeper of Galatasaray, Nestor Muslera, breaking Marcus Rashford.

Maroane Howard not to Miss contribute over victory. On 62 minutes, the Belgium midfielder successfully placed the ball against Galatasaray after receiving feedback from Valencia, which matured on this action contributed two assists.

Superior 4-2, MU does not lower the intensity of the attack. In fact, on 72 minutes, Juan Mata capable of forcing Muslera goalkeeper picked up the ball from his own hand for the fifth time. A score of 5-2 to Jose Mourinho's squad would ever stand up to game over.

Sunderland's Manager, David Moyes, was denied the news reserved its plans bring in two players Manchester United (MU), Adnan Januzaj and Marouane Howard, on this summer.

The name of the second had been the mainstay of Moyes when it became Manager of MU in 2013-2014. Januzaj even its inaugural debut along with the senior team the Red Devils under Moyes.

Forlan: Scholes more valuable than Pogba

Along with Neville, Januzaj managed to record 32 appearances in various event. However, the departure of Moyes makes THY shared Januzaj career waning, even he was loaned to Borussia Dortmund in the last season.

While Howard, is a player who has long relied on Moyes. Both work the same whenstill at Everton. Moyes also make Howard joined the Old Trafford in 2013. Now, Moyes wants to re-use services both in the Stadium of Lights.

"If the players igin joined us. I would be happy to have them because they are greatplayers. We're interested in them, but I'm sure other clubs also have the same intention, "said Moyes.

"We don't want to hide the fact if Sunderland finished in 17th position and 16 in thelast two seasons. Hopefully I can be here for four years and bring stability to the Club, "said Scottish Manager was.

Moyes was appointed manager of Sunderland on 23 July 2016. Man 53 years that Sam Allardyce's position replace that switch professions was the coach of the national team of the United Kingdom.

The former Manchester United player, Diego Forlan, consider Paul Scholes should have the most expensive players could become the world. It was said to be a contrastof Paul Pogba's current price.

Manchester United are reportedly negotiating to acquire Pogba from Juventus. Allegedly, The Red Devils set up Fund 100 million pound sterling or USD 1.73 trillion, while making the world's most expensive player Pogba.

However, Forlan questioned price Pogba thinks is too expensive. For Forlan, if Scholes is still in play, the player is certainly the origin of the United Kingdom that could be higher than Pogba.

Forlan: Scholes more valuable than Pogba

"If Paul Pogba rewarded 100 million pounds sterling, imagine what price Paul Scholes?" said Forlan told The National.

"In my opinion, is the best midfielder Scholes I've ever seen," continued Uruguay midfielder was.

Same as Pogba, Scholes also is a product of the Manchester United Academy. He had a career as a professional player in the Red Devils in 1992-1995. Scholes appeared in 718 matches and scoring 155 goals in various event.

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