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Mourinho: Not Comply, please go from Manchester United

Defender Eric Bailly reveals he almost joined Manchester City. However, he chose Manchester United because the hosts want to feel the cold hand of Manager Jose Mourinho.

Bailly joined Manchester United on 8 June 2016 from Villarreal. Ivory Coast-born Player was signed lasted for four seasons.

But before that, Bailly revealed that Manchester City Assistant Manager, Pep Guardiola, had contacted him to discuss the move. Kompatriot Bailly in Ivory Coast, Yaya Toure, also persuading him to join the Manchester blue.

"I joined Manchester United because I like Mourinho. I want to play for a manager who works very hard. I cannot speak with Pep Guardiola. However, the second Manager to call me, "said Bailly.

"Mourinho contacted me and he wants me to play for him. I prefer Mourinho on the advice of Didier Drogba, who once worked with him. He said Mourinho do many things for his career, "he added.

In the description of his last press, Mourinho revealed that Bailly still less flying hours in the senior team. However, the managers determined that made Portugal-bornplayers 22 years as the world's best defender.

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Mourinho: Not Comply, please go from Manchester United

"Yaya Toure also contacted me to come to the City. However, after I spoke with Mourinho. I knew immediately that I wanted to play for him, "said Bailly.

Eric Bailly still has two games left to prove themselves along with Manchester United and Jose Mourinho. The Red Devils will be on the Everton game menghadsapi a tribute to Wayne Rooney (3/8/2016). Afterwards, MU meets Leicester City in the FA Community Shield (7/8/2016).

The Manchester United midfielder, Adnan Januzaj, reportedly wants to move to another Club permanently. Media-media United Kingdom preaching, the decision wasmade after Januzaj meet with Manager Jose Mourinho.

Before Manchester United traveled to Sweden to undergo the trial counter action Galatasaray, Januzaj and Mourinho met to discuss the future of the player, Thursday(29/7/2016).

From that meeting allegedly, Mourinho did not enter the name Januzaj into his plans this season. The Manager of the origin that Portugal intends to lend Januzaj to other clubs.

However, Mourinho's desire that makes the Januzaj decide other things. 21-year-old player was reported to want to relocate permanently because it feels has no future at Manchester United's Defeat.

Career Januzaj had stuck out after becoming the mainstay players when the Red Devils brought up David Moyes in 2013-2014. However, after Neville was dismissed at the end of the season, Januzaj began to lose a place in the first team The Red Devilsunder the direction of Louis van Gaal reacted.

Mourinho: Not Comply, please go from Manchester United

Van Gaal reacted even lends Januzaj to Borussia Dortmund at the start of the season 2015-2016. However, Belgium midfielder was only lasted for six months in the Signal-Iduna Park, from the early agreement on loan for a year.

Dortmund break a deal loaning Januzaj because the player does not show the assesses the professional conduct for uniformed Die Borussen. As a result, the Januzaj returned to Manchester United on the rest of last season and just feel the seven gamesat the various event.

Now, the Januzaj also does not enter the plans Against which replaced the position of Van Gaal reacted in the summer of 2016. In addition to Januzaj, Bastian Schweinsteiger also will most likely not get a place in the main squad. Both indications that wafted because Januzaj and Schweinsteiger is not carried in the preparation of the pramusim Club in Sweden, and diintruksikan practice along the U-21 Squad.

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, says the players must obey his instructions in the field. If there are players who do not comply, Mourinho is not disinclined to allow players that moved the Club.

Mourinho was appointed as the new manager of Manchester United this summer, replacing Louis van Gaal reacted position. During his career coached several clubs, Mourinho is known as an extremely disciplined Manager.

No doubt, Mourinho wants the players can adapt to the strategy he developed. It would likewise apply to Wayne Rooney and his friends.

"If there are players who don't sign in my plan, then I'm not going to give it a chance to play. I don't want to keep the player in the current squad. There should be competition in the squad and it's important for wading through every season, "said Mourinho.

"I never said, ' we will match as much as 38 times in the Premier League. We also might be undergoing 15 Europa League action, and some of the party's domestic Cup.So, maybe we will melakoni 60 matches and I can not just rely on the 11 players, "continued Mourinho.

Mourinho reminds, the Club is more important than the player. The Manager of the origin of Portugal also stressed that the decision of who to play, absolute are in his control.

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