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Great expectations for the regional Team Donzol

Talent in that area so great especially in the Eastern regions of Indonesia are very large, but as said before there are still many quality coaches don't want to for many reasons.

"The barriers are many coaches were qualified to the area because of financial or family problems, but there is a mention of the imams Shafii advice" Merantaulah, then you're going to get a successor ", it's very valid to me," added.

Financial Factors Of Regional Clubs

According to him, one of the obstacles is the cost of regional futsal team to bring inqualified trainers to promote futsal regions.

"Nice area futsal Enthusiast but constrained from the issue of costs, but not all. There are a few teams that have a large Fund areas like Vamos ".

"There is a problem also in some regional futsal Association/provinces that are lesswise in sending coach when coaching license, some areas still send a coach lackingcapabilities. Still based on the kedakatan so that the development of the futsalnya a bit slow.

Great expectations for the regional Team Donzol

It turns out that a lot of the barriers also owned regional futsal team, whereas if themore advanced areas of futsal team swept up the achievements of the world perfutsalan to Indonesia will be more uphill.

Lovers of football team Chelsea FC team hopes more daring areas participated in the tournament in Jakarta city or large town, and was able to find investors or entrepreneurs that crazy balls to bring in top-quality coach because it can measure ability.At least held a Coaching Clinic because it could add insight into the coach's area.

Coach Donzol itself now held a session of coaching clinic in several areas in Indonesia to help the development of futsal in the area.

Let's pray for hopefully more and more coaches or lover of futsal in Indonesia that pay more attention to regional futsal Sepatu Futsal in Indonesia in order to be more advanced.

Regional Futsal Association (AFD) back to the Governor's Cup Tournament staged 2015 and West Nusa Tenggara came back to host. The event has entered it's third year, there will be 12 teams that participated in the interim. This time, the original team of 6 participants NTB himself participated including Vamos Carlsberg Mataram.

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Great expectations for the regional Team Donzol

The ranks of the professional team also enliven the tournament such as Libido, FC Bandung, Makassar and Boys Catching the morning star.

The Professional team of FC Libido will roll out the launching of the official team &players. Quenn Futsal Center, Katamso itself will be the main venue which will beginon Thursday (10/9), Bandung.

Not just launching, the team from Bandung was also going for  for T – Shirt for 50fans FC Libido who present early.

So, don't miss to attend the launching on September 10, later at 14:00 GMT.

Vamos Carlsberg Mataram FC continues to prepare for the first settled in the Governor's Cup in 2015 and West Nusa Tenggara alone will host that will begin on September 12-19.

Once on the title of the National Futsal Championship 2015 Gato in Bandung, the son of coach Bonsu Hasibuan still insufficient with only 8 large round until translucent. However, team origin Mataram remains targeting the Governor's Cup Championship title.

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