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4 foreign players ever to Defend Indonesia Futsal Clubs

Liga Futsal Indonesia or Pro Futsal League (PFL) this year looks none foreign playersparticipating in the competition of futsal Indonesia. Because, in the League this yearthere should be no foreign players face that came with every team.

The ban was proposed by the Federation of Futsal Indonesia (FFI) post FIFA sanctions being dropped to the LEAGUE. The effects, FFI under the PSSI could not bring foreign players officially and procedural.

Earlier, in Indonesia by 2015 futsal League then, FFI futsal clubs were invited to use the services of foreign players to League of futsal Indonesia pageant. Then anyone outfielder who once defended Indonesia futsal club? Take a look below!

4 foreign players ever to Defend Indonesia Futsal Clubs

Ekkapan Suratsawang and Ekapon Suratsawang (Thailand)

The twin players, Ekkapan and Ekapon is a player who once defended team futsal Electric PLN. Looks surprisingly the both players choose to play in Indonesia, becauseas is known Thailand has better futsal competition.

Ekkapan and Ekapon is a very experienced player. In addition to being the backbone of Thailand's national team in the 2008 Futsal World Cup in Brazil, both players also played in several competitions in different countries.

Rico Zulkarnain (Wales)

Rico is the flagship national team players Zulkarnain futsal Wales. On at that time, he played for Indonesia, futsal team IPC Pelindo II in Futsal Super League (FSL) 2015.

Rico himself is the descendant of the Indonesia players. A 26-year-old player had a father, and his mother bloody Indonesia native Wales.

on the final successful FSL, Rico scored two goals and brought his team to win the FSL 2015 with subjecting Pinky Boys Makassar defeated with a score of 7-0, at GOR STTD Bekasi.

4 foreign players ever to Defend Indonesia Futsal Clubs

Bruninho Hossales

In 2014, Vamos Mataram bring Brazilian players, Bruninho Salles. Bruno calls companion must bite the fingers because cannot perform on FSL 2015.

FFI provides standards of foreign players that proved damning Club futsal. FFI allow only foreign players ever to reinforce the national team in its home country.

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This makes Brazil midfielder was disappointed. "I'm very sad, because it can not playand helps colleagues in timku (Vamos)," complained Bruno.

However, the 28-year-old player was very respectful of the rules of the standard FFIforeign players to compete in the liga futsal Indonesia. He is still hoping to next season, such regulations can change.

As a result, at the end of year 2015 Bruno left the Vamos because Indonesia Futsal Association policy remains unchanged and prohibits foreign players to perform in Indonesia Futsal League. Bruno pun has never defended Brazil futsal national team.

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